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Mar 14 / tannus

Self Defense vs Fighting

mugger attacking womanSelf-defense is legal, fighting is illegal – So… just what is self-defense?

If you are walking down the street and are jumped by a group of thugs who demand your money and then attack you, defending yourself from harm is self-defense.

Standing there, shouting names at a group of people who ‘look like punks or thugs’ in hopes of them coming at you for a swing so you can try out your ‘self-defense’ techniques is not self-defense - It is fighting and you better have deep pockets to obtain a good lawyer who can get you out of the hole you just dug for yourself.

Backing away from someone who is threating you is self-defense, but backing away, while proclaiming your aggressor is a ‘piece of shit’ is not self-defense and it is looked on as you participating and escalating the problem (fighting).

These are just a few examples of the difference between fighting and self-defense.

Violence is an extreme. But it is an extreme that seldom – if ever – occurs without willful acts by all participants. The police and the courts know this and they will view your actions in this light.

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