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Mar 14 / tannus

Before Buying a Home

a quiet neighborhood

no streetlights!

Specifics on your personal safety and well being are often overlooked when moving into a new home. Here are a few things you should keep in mind – other than the “general crime rate of the area”:

1) How far is it to public transit from the home? How far will you be required to walk to and from transit facilities, and what is the neighbourhood like when it is dark out?

2) How close are the schools in the area?  How far will your children be required to walk to and from the school?  What is the school area like at night and on the weekends?  If the school yard is secluded and ends up being a popular party hang out, it isn’t unusual to find broken booze bottles and littered baggies of a variety of non-prescription medications and marijuana.

3) What is the traffic flow in the area like?  Heavy? Light?  Commuter traffic or industrial traffic? And what is the density and availability of sidewalks?

4) What is the quality of the overall street lighting?  Don’t rely on just looking for street lights – visit the area after dark to see what the “coverage” is like. Some areas are quite different after the sun goes down and it is recommended you visit them before you purchase a new house or move to a rental property.

5) What is the general condition of surrounding properties, streets and parkland?  This is a good indicator of the concern that residents have for their neighbourhood and will tell you much about the area you are considering moving into.

6) Is there a Neighbourhood Watch Program and/ or Block Parent operating in the area? This is another important indicator of the type of neighbourhood you are considering moving into. An active Neighbourhood Watch Block indicates that the residents want their community to be as crime free as possible.

Do you have more tips to share?  How about stories about your neighborhood?  Feel free to comment below!

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