Officer Jay Wadsworth Reveals The Secret Hand Combat Techniques Of Elite Swat Team Police Officers

  • Techniques From An Elite Police Trainer To Help Cops On The Street Get Maximum Results From Minimum Physical Effort: These Moves Are Unfair...
  • You owe it to yourself & the ones who depend on you to be able to take care of them
  • Winning fights on the street isn't that hard IF you know the right things to do
  • Fights usually start so quickly there isn't time to dig for your weapon
  • Jay studies and teaches combat like a science. Learning just a few of his tips increases your odds of winning to almost 100% even if you don't train much

Police Self Defense Tactics For The Street by Jay Wadsworth

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Attention Police Officers - Officer Jay Wadsworth of The Jamestown, NY PD Has Created An Easy To Use Set of Techniques Just For Officers Like Yourself - That Will Make Subduing Suspects & Arresting Painless, Simple & Easy - Even If You Practice Defensive Tactics Only Once Or Twice A Year