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Nick Drossos teaches you his simple and easy to use system to self defense.

  • Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones in any given situation.
  • Gain confidence knowing you know how to defend yourself in any scenario.
  • Learn to deal with weapons, multiple attackers and more!

Self Defense Encyclopedia by Nick Drossos

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Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Learn To Defend Yourself Against any And Everybody

The Ability To Defend You And Your Loved Ones Is Priceless And This Set Will Allow You To Learn A System That Is Simple And Easy To Use.. Learn How To Defend Yourself Today

What Will You Learn?

Nick Drossos Self Defense Encyclopedia - Nick's All encompassing set where you will learn what to do in any self defense situation. Protect yourself and your loved ones! Get yours today and gain the confidence to defend yourself in literally any situation!

So, What's On This Series?


  • Intro to weapon defense
  • Defense against a bat, screwdriver, pool cue and hammer
  • Drill for weapons defense
  • Scenario training
  • Conclusion


  • Intro to defense against a larger attacker
  • Principles against a larger attacker
  • Strike the bob dummy
  • Common attacks
  • Scenario training
  • Fundamentals against multiple attackers
  • Cornered against multiple attackers
  • Using the door frame against multiple attackers
  • Conclusion


  • Intro of women self defense
  • Principles for women self defense
  • Drills for self defense
  • Attacks against the bob for women
  • Most common attacks against women
  • Real world scenario training

What Does It All Cost?


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