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Back Against The Wall? Eli Knight Teaches You 4 Ways Out!

Back Against The Wall? Eli Knight Teaches You 4 Ways Out!


Fight Back With Eli Knight

If you find yourself in a self defense situation with your back against a wall, there is a good chance you were caught off guard or the attacker has a strength advantage. With your back against the wall you have very few effective options of defense. Thankfully we have people like Eli Knight in the world!

Eli’s YouTube is an absolute gem when it comes to self defense. The Jiu-Jitsu black belt even released a complete instructional dedicated to finding solutions to self defense situations using Jiu-Jitsu! Jiu-Jitsu Based Self Defense Solutions is an 8-part self defense encyclopedia!

Check out 4 different escapes with your back against the wall below!


Punching with your back against the wall is sort of like punching from the bottom mount position. There is little power from this disadvantageous position, so senselessly punching at your attacker is a waste of time. That said Eli is quick to turn a bad position into a good one!

One Hand Throat Grab 

The single handed throat grab against the wall is typical in this type of situation. It offers a dual threat with choking pressure along with a free hand to strike with. Eli looks to turn the table quick, fast, and in a hurry to avoid heavy strikes from his attacker. One universal defense to a throat grab is to keep your neck tense. This helps avoid some of the strangulation effect, but you can’t simply rely on this. 

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Eli points out that inorder to move in this position you need to keep your feet out away from the wall. This provides necessary space to rotate your body. Now that he has the space to pivot, Eli uses his hand to pop his attacker’s hand from his throat. This simultaneously puts him in position to use an elbow strike to create some distance, and get away from the wall. Another variation from here Eli uses, is the guillotine choke after the elbow. Using the choke can minimize damage that you and your attacker receive while at the same time end the altercation. 

Two Hand Choke

Here with two hands on his neck, Eli is unable to perform the same tactic as last time. This time Eli uses a thumb down grip to snag his attacker’s finger. As his hand grasps his attacker’s finger, Eli uses his free hand to keep their arm in place. This provides the leverage to do some damage to their hand.

Keep in mind when you do this there is a good chance that your attacker will retrieve their free hand to strike at your. This is a great opportunity to switch back to the one handed choke escape from before!

Shoulder Pin 

In this situation the aggressor is grabbing fabric while driving Eli into the wall. This wide grip allows Eli to swim his hands to the inside of his partner’s arms as he reaches them high towards the ceiling. Once again Eli uses his feet away from the wall to allow him to pivot, and as he does he obtains an double overhook.

The overhooks allow Eli to reverse the position and start to tilt his partner into the wall. By using the overhooks, Eli simultaneously provides him a safe position with his head and opens up the ability to attack/disengage.

Headlock Against The Wall

The classic headlock is something that you will see time and time again in street altercations. The problem with headlocks is that they suck and are ineffective, especially if you try to headlock Eli Knight! This time Eli shifts his weight towards the rear of his attacker. It’s important to shift far enough to hook over them with your leg. Eli points out a crucial detail that is easy to miss, and that is to extend your foot towards the floor after hooking their hip. As he does this it allows him to pivot completely around his attacker. 

Now that he has reversed the position, Eli keeps his arm flat against the wall and drives into his partner. Notice how the partner’s arm is trapped on Eli’s head. This allows Eli to negotiate with his attacker and motivate him to comply with extreme pressure on the shoulder. Modern combat problems require modern Jiu-Jitsu solutions!

One of the strongest aspects of Jiu-Jitsu is that there are always variations to every technique. This constant adaptation always leaves you set up for success. Eli demonstrates multiple variations to each technique to drive this fact home. 

Jiu-Jitsu Based Self Defense Solutions by Eli Knight
Whether you are a Black-Belt, White-Belt, or No Belt Jiu-Jitsu Based Solutions By Eli Knight will give you the tools required to survive a real life altercation where your attacker is trying to inflict serious harm to you. Will you accept less than the best in training, when your life depends on it? If the answer is a resounding NO, then Jiu-Jitsu Based Solutions By Eli Knight is for YOU!