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Can Self-Defense Protect You From a Mass Shooting?

Can Self-Defense Protect You From a Mass Shooting?

If you have read or watched the news in the last day or two then you have probably heard about the tragic school shooting in Parkland, FL where 17 innocent teenagers lost their lives.  This is one of several school shootings in recent years and it seems as though they are becoming more and more common.  For whatever reason there are people who seem to be trigger happy and conduct these mass shootings.

This is awful and whatever the cause is whether it be terrorism, mental health, gun control, or any other debatable topic, we are not here to discuss the politics of the matter.  What we would like to discuss is the possibility of preventing these shootings through self-defense.  Is it possible to stop a mass shooting without a weapon and with only self-defense?

This is a tricky question to answer because every situation is unique and what is going on is also unique.  These shootings are tragic and they are occurring so all we can say is that learning self-defense would not hurt anyone.  Learning self-defense would do more good than harm.  Are you able to prevent a mass shooting through self-defense?  We can’t answer that, maybe yes, maybe no.  Will learning self-defense hurt you? No.  Should our youth and more people learn self-defense? Yes.

Self-Defense Against a Weapon

For years and years people have wondered whether there is a way to really defend yourself against a weapon.  There are plenty of self-defense classes that claim to teach you disarming techniques but are they practical and realistic?  That is another question.  What we know for sure is that there are documented cases where someone was able to disarm a shooter whether it was a police officer, a civilian, store owner, or just a student; we know that it has happened before.

With so many mass shooting occurring in the United States why would not teach our kids and teens how to defend themselves in certain situations?  There are many courses out there that teach people safer ways to handle active shooters.  There are things that you can learn in self-defense that will help you in dealing with an active shooter.  For instance, if you know how to properly barricade yourself, how to disarm if it is your only option, how to collectively approach a situation and how to attack someone. 

Here at Fanatic Self-Defense we had the pleasure of working with one of the Nation’s leading mass shooting defense instructors.  His name is Aaron Jannetti and he has created a program that he teaches called the active shooter defense program.  This program is world famous and Aaron’s sole focus is to teach people how to collectively deal with a mass shooting.  Dealing with a shooter in a one on one scenario is quite different than dealing with one with a group of people.

When there is a mass shooting like the one in Parkland, FL or the one in Vegas what we see is total pandemonium, rightfully so.  This does not help anyone in stopping the situation.  If more people where trained one of the benefits of doing something like the active shooter self-defense program would be the fact that they are able to stay calm in high pressure situations.  Our Marines, Seals, and Rangers are exposed to extremely high intensity and high pressure situations in order to help them react quickly under pressure.  We put them through these situations that way when they deal with them they are able to act with a clear head.  Check out this Interview with Aaron Jannetti  and have a glimpse into his active shooter defense program.

If you want to learn from Aaron Jannetti we were able to get him to make a DVD with us.  Although he does not teach much on Active Shooters in this particular DVD, he does teach many things that could assist you in defending yourself and reacting in an active shooting.  This DVD set is “beyond krav maga.” Aaron goes over many useful techniques in this DVD set that could very well save your life.  He goes over how to defend yourself against a long gun, how to disarm, how to evade, how to strike, and much much more.

Aaron is considered by many, the leading self-defense expert on dealing with active shooters.  Unfortunately in today’s day and age we need to teach our kids, teachers, coworkers and more people how to defend themselves in these situations.   Check out Aaron showing how to disarm somebody with a long gun like an assault rifle which is typically the weapon of choice in these shootings.

If you want to learn more techniques like these check out Aaron’s full DVD below and get your hand son it before we sell out.  We have had a lot of requests for this product given the times.