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Gain the Benefits of Self-Defense

Learning proper self-defense tactics can be a life changing decision.  Many people struggle on their day to day lives and can encounter situations in which they may feel vulnerable.  Some kids and teens these days are unfortunately bullied, women are in danger of aggressive men, and men are also in danger.  We unfortunately live in a world where it is necessary to learn how to defend you.  So many things happen on a day to day basis.  People are bullied, picked on, kidnapped, and worse.  So many people live in fear and do not have the confidence to do daily activities.  Some people don’t like going out, some don’t like running, and there are different parts of people’s lives that are impacted by these fears.

One of the best ways to develop strong confidence and a sense of security is to learn self-defense.  Learning self-defense is one of the best things that a person can do to help themselves, their families, their loved ones, their mental status, and their confidence.  The benefits of learning self-defense are limitless.  Self-defense classes can teach life saving techniques, they can help you get in shape, and they can help your confidence.   There is a common misconception that martial arts are just to learn how to fight and that is not the case.  Learning martial arts is much more than that. You learn how to deal with adversity and gain so many life skills.

Physical Benefits of Self-Defense

The primary reasons for learning self-defense are typically to gain the physical benefits, meaning that you learn how to fight or defend yourself.  So what are the physical benefits?  Well for one, you will learn how to defend yourself, your loved ones, and your friends.  This is imperative in today’s day and age.  You want to be able to defend yourself under any circumstances.  Unfortunately people are in danger on a daily basis.  Many people are attacked while doing their day to day routines; even joggers have recently been in more muggings then normal.  Check out this video below on how to defend yourself against a bear hug or an attacker from behind.

What are the other physical benefits of self-defense training?  Well for one the health and fitness benefits are excellent.  Training self-defense can be an excellent workout and can push your body to its limitations.  There are simple self-defense course that you can learn and work your way up to more rigorous forms of self-defense.  Either way though, learning self-defense is an excellent way to get off the couch and get your heart rate going. 

Those are not the only physical benefits of learning self-defense; you can also gain flexibility, strength, and endurance.  Like with any other physical exercise you are going to see a general increase in many aspects of your body that would otherwise have not been used.  Self-defense requires the use of many muscle groups that are not commonly used.  For example there is some isometric strength that can be developed, some core, back and hip strength.  Hopefully this is not off putting to anybody.  Anyone of any age, height, weight, fitness level, and body type should be able to learn a martial art.  Your local self-defense academies should ease you into it and cater a curriculum that is personally fitted to you while helping you attain your personal goals.  Check out this video below showing how to disarm with Master Rodrigo Artilheiro.

Mental Benefits of Self-Defense

Martial arts is primarily perceived as something that gives us physical benefits but learning proper self-defense can carry an enormous amount of mental benefits as well.  We all know how busy people can be in our day to day lives, very rarely do we have time to engage in immersive experiences that allow us to focus 100% on something.  Self-defense allows us to do this.  We can commit our minds to this activity 100% when we are engaging in it. This is one of the biggest benefits for people who train martial arts, it allows you to have an escapee from your rigorous day to day schedule, it allows you to have a nice place to go.

The other mental benefits are the fact that when you join self-defense classes are a martial arts academy you are able to socialize and hang out with a lot of people.  It is so important for humans to be able to interact with other people and being able to have a group of like-minded individuals is a great thing to have.  You can let some stress and steam out as you train with like-minded individuals.  If you train the physical benefits coincide well with the mental benefits because if you have not been exercising your body will naturally release endorphins and dopamine which can help you to increase your mood and overall productivity. 

Not only are self-defense classes potentially lifesaving but they are also extremely helpful for your mind.  Martial arts is something that has stood the test of time and humans are naturally inclined to do, it is in our DNA to learn how to defend ourselves and have the techniques that many martial arts give us.  It is so natural for us to learn self-defense techniques.  Most people have a preconceived notion of how to do many techniques that you will do in self-defense classes.

The last and potentially the biggest mental benefit of learning self-defense is the fact that you will develop confidence.  If you are getting bullied, or you are a girl who feels vulnerable, or a man who wants to be able to defend himself and his loved ones, self-defense can give you the confidence to walk around with a sense of security.  This is so vital for our everyday lives.  People should have the confidence to do what they want without feeling vulnerable.  It is one of the worst feeling in the world to feel vulnerable and just learning some self-defense techniques can help you to develop this security.

So you probably have a busy life and you are probably not able to just go and sign up at some self-defense academy or classes because the costs can be enormous.  It is not feasible to think that you and your loved ones can all find the time and money to just learn self-defense, we here at Fanatic Self Defense have a solution for you! Check out Rodrigo Artilheiro’s 4 DVD Set “Destroy First Ask Questions Later Krav Maga.”  This is the perfect way to learn life saving techniques that you can practice witrh your family and friends in the comfort of your own home.  So who is Rodrigo Artilheiro?  Rodrigo is a Brazilian National Wrestling and Judo Champion.  He is a Judo black belt, professional wrestler, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Krav Maga black belt, and boxer.  He is one of the world’s most renowned Krav Maga instructors.  He has taught techniques to the United States Military, Israeli Military, and more.  Check out this video below of him teaching the police some techniques!