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Learning Self-Defense, is it Worth It?

Is it really worth taking the time to learn self-defense?  What are the chances that something is actually going to happen to you?  The odds are astronomical that someone would come up to you and try to mug you, hold you at gun point, or try and mess with your family.  This is true, but is it worth it to train a little bit so that you are prepared in the event that this occurs?

Well here is a good way to look at it.  Is it worth it to learn how to change a tire?  Is it worth it to learn how to use a fire extinguisher?  Is it worth it to learn how to do CPR?  Is it worth it to learn how to stop drop and roll and plan a fire escape?  There are so many life threatening situation that could occur in our lives and for so many of them we are taught how to prepare for them from such a young age.

For example, kids in elementary school are taught what to do in the event of a fire; they are taught to stop, drop and roll, and to create an escape method.  Why? So that they are prepared in the event of a life threatening situation.  How come we don’t prepare our youth for something like a physical attack? How many kids are bullied on a day to day basis?

 How many people are involved in physical altercations in their lives?  We may see self-defense as something unpractical to defend ourselves against a gun or knife, but real physical altercations actually occur more often than most of us would assume.   Let’s look at some reasons to learn self-defense, one of the most important is so that you are prepared in the event of an emergency, the other is so you can develop confidence and comfort throughout the daily activities of your life.

Being Prepared

Being prepared for life threatening situations is important, airbags are one of the most expensive parts of a car and yet every car company is regulated and has to have them, this is so that they can prepare you for an emergency.   You have to think of learning self-defense in a very similar manner.  For instance, if you learn how to defend yourself from a headlock or a chokehold, you are preparing yourself for a potentially life threatening situation.  As you get older and have a family or significant other, more people may be dependent on you for survival.  Learning self-defense may not only prepare you for a situation that could affect you but it could also prepare you for a situation that could save your family’s life.

When you are young and you are a kid school can also be tough.  If you have children you have to be aware that bullies are everywhere and they are not only a threat to your children’s physical well-being but they may also be threatening to their mental well-being.  Bullying can have drastic circumstances that affect kids for the remainder of their lives.  This is why preparing your children through martial arts and self-defense is one of the best things that you can do for them.  Hopefully children would never have to fend off a bully or use these skills but why not have these skills?  You are more likely to encounter a bully or something of that manner then a fire, or other things that we prepare children for.

Let’s take a look at a video below that goes over a disarming technique with one of the world’s leading self-defense experts.  Aaron Jannetti does hundreds of seminars all over the United States and he is one of the best self-defense instructors in the world.  Let’s take a look at this video below that could prepare you for the worst situation you could encounter, a gun that is pointed at your chest.  This is the worst thing that could happen to you.

Gaining Confidence and Comfort

Gaining confidence and comfort is one of the most important things that anybody can do for themselves.  One of the best attributes of learning self-defense is the character development that you will go through.  Learning how to be comfortable and confident is so important for people to perform as well as they should.  So how can martial arts or self-defense give us confidence and comfort?

Well many times a lot of us are scared to do certain things on a day to day basis.  We live in tumultuous times and there are violent crimes that are taking place every single day.  You never know what could happen.  Let’s imagine that you are a young girl off to college, you want to go out to the bar or to class but you know that there are men who will say things, and potentially do things to harm you.  In order to be comfortable on your day to day routine you need to have the confidence that you could defend yourself.

If this same girl was trained in some type of self-defense she would feel comfortable going out or going anywhere because she knows that she can defend herself it is necessary.    This is how self-defense can give you confidence and comfort. Now let’s imagine a different situation, let’s say that you are a father of three and have a wife.  You go for a stroll in the park with your family and some drunken guy starts bothering your wife, or even worse your kids.  Are you able to defend them if he gets violent?  Can you save them? This is where self-defense can help on giving you comfort.  If you are trained then you know that no matter where you go or no matter what you do you will be able to defend your family.  The comfort gives you the confidence and the confidence gives you the comfort.

Let’s have another look at a video with self-defense expert Aaron Jannetti and look at some techniques that he teaches.

If you want to learn more techniques from Aaron Jannetti here at Fanatic Self-Defense we sell instructional DVD’s.  We know that not everybody has time to go sign up for martial arts classes and that not everyone has the schedule or money to train.  Self-defense can be expensive and time consuming.  This DVD could save your family’s life and yours and you could study this right from the comfort of your own home.