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Simple Techniques for Self Defense

Simple Techniques for Self Defense

Protecting oneself does not require decades of training.  It doesn't require knowing hundreds of techniques.  In actuality, sometimes less is more can save your life.  Being able to asses a situation and understand a few key principles could definitely save your life.  So if you don't have a decade to spare to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but want to gain the distilled knowledge of years of life and death training on the mats, you will want to check out what a world champion athlete shared as the best means to stay safe on the street.

In the video below, Nick Drossos, one of the world's foremost self-defense experts meets up with Bernardo Faria, a 5 time World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion to discuss Bernardo's recommendations for some simple, potentially life-saving techniques.

Key Takeaway:  Distance Management

The number one goal of a self-defense scenario is NOT to become engaged in a situation that requires one to fight.  It is always preferable to walk away after having talked one's self out of the conflict, but in the event that this course of action does not work, it is important to understand the best possible place to be in relation to the person or persons you are in conflict with.  

It's crucial to stay safely out of striking distance.  If you find yourself within arms length of an attacker, they are more likely to be able to strike or kick at you.  It is best to stay 2-3 arms lengths away from them with your arms up between you.  If someone, continues to try to close the distance and invade the space that you've established, it's time to close the distance and potentially drop your level to take them down to the ground where they can be controlled.

Key Takeaway:  Knee on Belly

A powerful and easy to implement technique that Bernardo brings from his decades of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is a position called knee on the belly.  In this position, a prone opponent is kept controlled by placing one's knee across their midline or abdominal area putting enormous pressure into their midsection.  In Bernardo's case he actually uses a higher version of knee on the belly which angles more towards the sternum and chest area.  In jiu jitsu training or competition, this position can often inspire opponents to give up or quit a match because of the debilitating pressure and pain it can cause.  For an unsuspecting attacker with no grappling background, this will ensure that you are able to escape the conflict unscathed.

The knee on the belly position is not only extremely dominating, it also gives one a vantage point to be able to keep an eye out for additional attackers.  By staying upright, you will be able to throw your own strikes if necessary, or simply retreat, escape and seek out the authorities.

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