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Three Ways To Get Back To Your Feet With Eli Knight

Three Ways To Get Back To Your Feet With Eli Knight


Even The Best Fall Down Sometimes

In an ideal world you will always be prepared for self defense altercations. Sadly this isn’t an ideal world and you may in fact be caught off guard. If that happens, will you have tools that enable you to react?

A major goal of ANY martial arts training should be to reasonably prepare you for real life altercations. Being knocked to the ground with a sucker punch isn’t out of the realm of possibilities in today’s crazy world. SO, how do you go about getting back to your feet and back to safety? Eli Knight has a couple options for you, check it out in the video below!


As Eli points out, situational awareness is key. It is an easy answer to many of self defense’s most difficult questions. That said, it’s important to have some tricks up your sleeve to turn the tables on your attacker. 

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Eli’s demo partner Anya, demonstrates the classic technical standup. It’s important to not rush to get to your feet. Simply standing up isn’t an option without the very real threat of being kneed or kicked while trying to stand. As you can see in the demo, Anya keeps her hand up while pulling her bottom leg out from underneath her. This allows her to be in a good, balanced position as she gets to her feet. 

Eli points out that this initial technique is going to require a little anticipation. Knowing that Eli is coming towards her Anya is able to quickly get to her feet. If your attacker is able to get a little too close for comfort you can execute a classic Jiu-Jitsu sweep, aptly named “the dummy sweep”.  Anya does this by hooking at the back of Eli’s ankles and pushes hard at the knees. This allows her to off-balance him, and allows her to once again get back to her feet. 

If your aggressor is pressuring in and you cannot create space by kicking at the knee, Anya goes to a position known in Jiu-Jitsu as the Open Guard. This allows her to have the power of her legs to kick upwards at Eli. Anya attaches her foot to Eli’s hip and her hand to Eli’s lead leg, while her free leg is able to land brutal kicks. 

Alternatively, she can use her free leg to hook Eli’s rear leg and execute a “hook” sweep. By pushing with her leg that is framing Eli’s hip, and pulling with her hooking foot, Anya is able to topple Eli to the ground. Leverage and technique is a great equalizer in self defense scenarios. 

This short video encapsulates some of Jiu-Jitsu’s versatility. It also highlights the focus Jiu-Jitsu puts on proper leverage, which allows smaller practitioners the ability to turn the tables against attackers who have a significant size advantage. 

Eli is a BJJ black belt and has a vast amount of experience in other Street-Effective martial arts. Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel as well as his insructionals available at Effective Self Defense!

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