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Why Women Need to Learn Self-Defense

Why Women Need to Learn Self-Defense

We live in dangerous times, more and more we see that there are violent crimes taking place and more and more they seem to be directed at women.  Women are being victimized in so many different aspects of life and unfortunately it is hard for them to establish a sense of security anywhere.  Women feel a sense of fear in their day to day lives and it is unfair for them to have to feel this way.  Every day when they go to work, school, bars, clubs, the mall, and even their own cars they have to deal with a sense of fear.

We read about people sexually harassing women in every establishment, we hear about men cat calling them, we hear about men taking advantage of them while they go out, we hear about them being in harm’s way no matter what they do.  What can women do to empower themselves?  The government is not able to help, the states can’t help, the work places won’t offer assistance, and so what can they do?  Well, they can empower themselves through self-defense.  They can learn how to defend themselves, how to develop confidence, how to find comfort at any moment of their lives with self-defense.

Women need to learn self-defense now more than ever.  Self-defense will allow women to develop confidence, it will allow them to empower themselves, and it will allow them to find safety in difficult situations.  It is imperative for women to do so; they should not have to feel the way that so many of them do.

Developing Confidence through Self-Defense

Self-defense offers so many benefits to anybody, but in particular it can be extremely beneficial for women to learn how to defend themselves.  Many people only attribute physical benefits to self-defense, when in fact; the majority of the benefits are actually mental.  Women would benefit from learning the proper techniques to defend themselves so that they can gain confidence.  Not just confidence in defending themselves, but in every aspect of their life. 

Assume you are an average American woman; you are a student in college.  Women these days have to go to class with the fear of men harassing them, bothering them, and potentially harming them.  A college woman may be scared to go to class, but she will still always go, she may be scared to go out and have a drink or go to the club, but she will still go, why? Because it is unfair for them to feel this way in the first place and women refuse to let fear lead their lives.  Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the fact that this is a common feeling among women.

So instead of being scared in your day to day life, you can find comfort through education in self-defense.  A college woman may be much more confident and fearless in her day to day life if she has the ability to defend herself against a potential criminal.  If a woman knows how to use her body to the best of her ability the level of fear associated with day to day activities will dissipate.  Any woman can gain confidence from self-defense, a mother, a working woman, a student, and younger ladies.   Check out this video below showing some self-defense techniques for women.

 Empowering Women through Self-Defense

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of women learning self-defense is the fact that they feel empowered.  It can be life altering to find the empowerment that martial arts and self-defense can provide.  This goes hand in hand with the confidence gained.  The confidence you establish from self-defense it life changing and will transcend into empowerment.  Women who train self-defense will feel empowered in every aspect of their lives.  They will feel comfortable anywhere they go they will be confident in their workplace, classes, in bars, clubs, and everywhere.

Not only will they develop the confidence to defend themselves physically but they will be keener to defend themselves verbally and in every aspect of their lives.  So many men in the work place, in classes, at bars, and in every aspect of women’s lives will say inappropriate comments, when women are empowered through self-defense they will be quick to put a halt to these comments quickly.  The more they let men take advantage of them out of fear, the more men will.  It is imperative to stop this as soon as it starts.   Check out this video below on women’s self-defense with self-defense expert Nick Drossos.

Safety through Self-Defense

The most substantial benefit of learning self-defense for women may be the fact that you learn how to physically defend yourself.  The ability to defend yourself is the most important thing in self-defense.  This why so many people initially learn self-defense.   For women this may be the most important benefit because this is what all the other benefits will stem from.  Once you learn the techniques necessary to defend yourself you will see the other benefits.  The primary goal of the majority of people who learn self-defense is obviously to defend themselves, but what they overlook is what these newly obtained techniques will also give them, health, confidence, and security.

Learning self-defense is imperative for women, if they are out and about, men can try and take advantage of them.  This is unfortunate, but it is true.  How can they help themselves stop this, they need to learn self-defense.  It is amazing how much you can learn.  If someone tries to grab a woman who is trained in self-defense, tries to take advantage of her, or worse, tries to kidnap her, she will know the necessary techniques to save her life.

Ultimately the biggest benefit of self-defense for anyone is the fact that there is potentially lifesaving techniques involved in learning.  You never know what can happen to you and all too often we say “that could never happen to me” but when it does, better to be prepared.

If you want to learn some extremely authentic Krav Maga and self-defense with friends or family from the comfort of your own home check out Rodrigo Artilheiro’s DVD set “destroy first ask questions later Krav Maga.”  This is an excellent resource to learn authentic and lifesaving techniques that can be practiced with a friend or family member.  Definitely worth looking into!

If you are a runner, we also have an excellent DVD by a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Todd Williams called “Runsafer.”  Todd is a 2x Olympic Distance runner and he created this simple program to help people defend themselves when they go for a jog, a walk, or a run.