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It's Time To Learn The Ins and Outs Of Effective BJJ For Self-Defense, Burton Richardson is a BJJ Black Belt, JKD Instructor, Krav Maga Instructor, Silat Master and Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame Member

  • How To Use The Highest Percentage Techniques Of Grappling To Prevail In Street Attacks
  • Burton Richardson is not only a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, he is a JKD, Krav Maga, Silat and well-rounded martial arts expert
  • Burton Richardson is a member of the black belt magazine hall of fame
  • This is your opportunity to have a realistic approach to self-defense
  • Gain the confidence to utilize Jiu Jitsu in any situation
  • Know More. Win More.

BJJ For The Street by Burton Richardson

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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced, this course will change your game.
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BJJ For The Street

It's Time To Learn The Ins and Outs Of Effective BJJ For Self-Defense, Burton Richardson is a BJJ Black Belt, JKD Instructor, Krav Maga Instructor, Silat Master and Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame Member

10 Elements Of Extreme Self-Defense:

What Will You Learn?

Imagine you wanted to gather a group of experts to collaborate in making the most complete, effective ground fighting system for extreme street self-defense. What arts would you draw these experts from? You would certainly want a highly experienced BJJ black belt. How about a successful MMA coach who had cornered world champions? Since we are talking street, you would want a renowned JKD instructor. And an expert in the weapons-based Filipino martial arts, preferably one of the original Dog Brothers.

You would probably also want a southeast Asian silat expert who specialized in the most vicious and functional portions of the art. And you would definitely want a Krav Maga instructor who actually pressure-tested all the gun disarms against world class combat athletes. Let’s also include an experienced scientist to oversee the whole process to ensure that every theory is taken into the lab and tested in a valid way. Well, Burton Richardson is all of the above.


Burton earned his BJJ Black Belt in 2006 under BJJ and MMA world champion Egan Inoue. MMA coach to Egan and brother Enson Inoue, along with UFC star Chris Leben. Full instructor in JKD and FMA under legend Guro Dan Inosanto. Burton is the leading functional silat master, testing everything against MMA fighters.

And he earned his Krav Maga instructor credentials under IDF soldier of the year Nir Maman. Burton is in the exclusive Black Belt Magazine Hall Of Fame and was elected their 2015 self-defense instructor of the year.

Underlying all of this is Burton's foundation as a scientist. He won the science award at Carson high school, graduated from USC in biological sciences, and was a researcher at UCLA medical center where he worked in a lab studying multiple sclerosis. This scientific mindset leads him to test EVERY technique in rigorous sparring. For Burton, everything is theory until it has been thoroughly tested in the laboratory of hard sparring or actual fighting.

And that is why his BJJ For The Street program is exceptional. 

None of the self-defense techniques are done statically. In sport jiu-jitsu, the competitors train by drilling and sparring each and every technique. Sparring is essential. But when most people learn the “self-defense” aspect of jiu-jitsu, there is no sparring at all. Burton Richardson is on a mission to change this. 

Functional skill is developed through sparring, so all the self-defense techniques in the BJJ For The Street program are sparred in a safe manner to ensure that actual fighting skill against a resisting opponent is developed. It's not enough to know the mechanics of a gun disarm, you need to develop the skill to apply the technique against someone who's fighting back against you. 

Richardson’s motto is “Pressure test everything!” This program shows the results of his in depth testing. 

“A ship is safest in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

Attacks From The Back:

So What Does It All Cost?

Well, that depends, what is it worth to learn how to defend yourself and use Jiu Jitsu in any situation?  

Burton is a master of his craft and we could have easily charged $147 for this kind of experience, instead, cut that price by almost 50%

That's right, get this series for just:


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