This program could be the most important thing you have ever learned.

  • How To Keep You & Your Loved Ones Safe From An Active Shooter
  • Give Yourself The Best Skills Possible To Handle A Real Mass Shooting.
  • There is no substitute for training. This video provides you the concepts, techniques, mindset, and awareness to guide your training.
  • You will learn preparation, evasion, cover, concealment, barricading, fighting back, improvised and planned weapons, and the immediate medical care for the wounded.
  • Aaron Jannetti is the creator of the ASR/RAK program, owner of Endeavor Defense and Fitness, possesses two black belts in Krav Maga, is a certified firearms instructor and has spent the last decade training civilians, law enforcement officers and members of our military on surviving close quarters violent encounters

How To Survive an Active Shooter by Aaron Jannetti and Jon Grabo

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Learn These Deadly & Simple To Use Self Defense Secrets. This course can be Used In The Most Dire Situations To Save Lives, Give Yourself The Best Skills Possible To handle A Real Mass Shooting.