Comprehensive Street Self Defense by Chad Lyman

  • Specifically Designed Techniques For Older Guys To Destroy & Humiliate Younger, Stronger & More Atheletic Attackers
  • Learn BJJ for the street in any situation from Las Vegas Swat Instructor & BJJ Black Belt Chad Lyman
  • Defend against any attack, barehanded or weapon.
  • Learn how to stay safe and disarm attackers in the most effective ways possible.
  • Prepare to defend yourself.

Comprehensive Street Self Defense by Chad Lyman

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Learn BJJ For The Street In Any Situation: Defend Against Any Attack: Barehanded Or With Weapons

From Las Vegas Swat Team Instructor & BJJ Black Belt: Chad Lyman

Defend yourself and fight back with grappling-based solutions that work in dangerous situations, as one of the nation’s top self defense instructors Chad Lyman shows how anyone can use technique to keep themselves safe. Over 4-volumes, learn how to combine grappling martial arts techniques and Chad’s lifetime of law enforcement principles into a comprehensive self defense system.

Go step-by-step on the best ways to subdue an attacker, in all of the most common self defense situations. Learn how to identify the type of threat, choose the best response, and use technique and leverage to stop any attacker. Whether they are armed or not, always have a plan ready with Chad Lyman’s extensive expertise.

Chad Lyman is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and one of the nation’s leaders in police and military hand-to-hand combat training, and he is here to share the grappling tactics that can keep you safe against an attacker.

Learn from one of the best, so you know exactly what to do if you need to defend yourself. Chad Lyman has a lifetime of experience to draw from, both as a BJJ and MMA coach, as well as a full-time law enforcement officer, with a background in SWAT, antiterrorism, and defensive tactic instruction. With his lifetime of real world self defense study, he knows exactly what to do if things go wrong, and he is here to share it with you.

Lock down threats with grappling-based solutions to real world problems with Chad’s technical instruction. Understand how to control the close ranges and combine takedowns with control on top for maximum safety with minimum risk. Brazilian jiu-jitsu has always shown itself to be hugely effective in self defense combat scenarios, which is why it makes the perfect base for this 4 volume instructional.

Use grappling techniques for your self defense out on the street, with these effective and reliable moves. Every situation is different, so learn how to best approach each situation so that you can stop anyone who would do you harm. Using takedowns, submissions, and control of the body, Chad Lyman shows you everything you need to know if someone wants to attack you on the street.

So What Exactly Is On This Series?


  • Intro
  • Controlling Distance With The Dive Technique
  • Teep Kick
  • Covering and Closing vs Punches
  • Closing Behind Punches
  • Creating Angles
  • Creating Angles #2
  • Maintaining Clinch Through Angles and Control
  • Maintaining Clinch Through Angles and Control With Underhook
  • Two On One Control
  • Body Lock


  • Back Control With Options
  • Managing Clinch Through Head Control
  • Fundamentals of Takedowns
  • Underhook With Head Control
  • Overhook With Head Control Takedown Options
  • Body Lock Takedown Options
  • Takedowns From Back


  • Two On One Takedown Options
  • Takedowns From Head Control
  • Takedown Defense
  • Defending Vs Standing Opponent
  • Fundamentals of Fighting From Bottom


  • Rule of 3
  • Fight The Head
  • Fight The Lead Hand
  • Using Frames To Escape From Bottom
  • The Anchor Guard
  • Putting It All Together Using Grappling To Defend Strikes On Ground
  • Using Grappling Fundamentals vs An Edged Weapons

So What Does It All Cost?